yes, that’s what came to mind when i spontaneously.. decided to start blogging again. Reasons being

1) i got inspired. by a friend’s blog  🙂

2) i know i know. spm is coming in what, 28 days? *shit my palms are sweating just typing this out* so i figured..hey, i need somewhere to vent my studies/or non studies related frustration, so better than driving my sister up the wall with my endless whining and sometimes desperate attempts to entertain myself stalking random people on fb. i shall blog?

3) to spread the awesomeness. duh :p ( before i start getting hate mail, just kidding guys!)

4) since high school is officially ending in a month or two, i decided to blog again just to be able to remind the future me of my now slightly-mental self 😛

5)i just wanted an excuse to not look at my physics workbooks

soooo, thy hereby welcome thyself back to the blogosphere, whoopee!

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Isabel-Il Divo

Rewatched Alladin and Lion King with the cousins just for the heck of it. and omg, i had no idea that Jasmine was so slutty! ok la i knew she wore real little cloth and all but all the eyelid batting, eyelash fluterring and cries of ‘oh alladin!’  how very damsel in distress-like.  

no wonder we Disney-watching kids turn out corrupted. -_-

i love CNY, the cny goodies that are in full display at home, the sound of chatter and laughter in the air, the FOOD 😀 am def prepared to gain some tubs around the tum, bahh.

Went to church on Sunday and of course, we didnt turn down an opportunity to camwhore :p yaknow. us girls being girls.

i sukaaaa : ) very CNY! fel says my outfit looks very gucci. lagi suka 😀 *syok diri*

Joyce, Fel, Pris. all EXTREMELY important girls of my life, can’t live without either, really : )

p.s THE LOVELY BONES was mindblowing. period. All you bookworms out there, get the book !

p.p.s was : ))). Was superduper surprised by the gift! thank youu<3 really made my day/month/year 🙂 the movie on the other hand was so-so, strong cast with a rather bland storyline. 6/10.

enjoy your CNY folks! for you non chinese people, go catch up on some beauty sleep! Till then.

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i hot you not(happy now? :p )

Last Christmas 🙂

Pardon the extremely gay title please, inspired by a fellow budak kecil who i shall not name :p

I’ve been updating regularly lately, be very proud of me ! I’m feeling the random flow so i shall just say whatever that’s on my mind.

1) i think i finally got over my fear of injections! when i went for my Cervarix jab today, oddly enough, i didn’t feel any pain. and when i took my food poisoning jab 3 weeks ago i was eerilly calm. Friggin stark contrast to how i was my whole life ! i would device sneaky ways to avoid injections, feel like puking/passing out/running away before a jab. and i actually had nurses manhandle me for a jab when i was 8 but that’s another story altogether. YEAHH BABY 😀

2)i hate(okay la dislike, since hate is a strong word) how the boutiques and clothing stalls in ikano are so tacky. i mean, okay studs and zippers are ‘in’ at the moment now i guess but to bring in truckloads of things that look like they can be at the frontpage of WHAT NOT TO WEAR..they really deserve to be arrested by the fashion police.most of the studded outfits really look like they had studs VOMITED all over it. and most of the zippy stuff are unflaterring. period. omg and do not get me started on the wannabe-gladiator shoes ! *breathes in and out*

3) my entire body is aching after cheer+intense workout yesterday. i felt like i just hiked up a mountain or smth :/ lesson learnt, EXERCISE REGULARLY! steph u know what that means, more rounds around the park!

4) i love GLEE 😀 it makes me feel real happy somehow.

5) Bad Romance has been stuck in my head since yesterday, to the chorus with someone! *open hand, close mouth,ahh-monster’s coming to get me, close hand-as taught by sheena* 🙂

6)i am determined to learn to cook 2 new dishes this year! anyone can cook! oh where was that line from again..hmm..oh yeah ratatouile!

7) i crave for BROWNIES WITH ICE CREAM ON TOP *does tribal chant*

8) i strongly smell CONSPIRACY regarding the whole anwar-saiful dramamama. Have been following the case and honestly, i feel like saiful’s been bribed a huge huge sum of money by the opposition  to cook up the whole thing and ruin anwar’s career. i dunno but i don’t see anwar as a sodomiser..but when it comes to politics la, M’sia is srsly one messed up country. what happened to AMANAH LA. nilai murni moral my butt!

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Guys, this is guaranteed to turn heads.


am super inspired to take up photography! lookbook is awesome 😀

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HI *waves*

This is what we pay 15k a year to do 😉

wow it’s been ages since i last blogged, about a month to be exact. i’m sure many of u (who are hopefully still reading) are frustrated to see ‘new year, new blog! ‘ greet your eye everytime u view this blog, but thee shalt not fear!..for i am here :p

ok i see many -_- faces…ANYWAYS!

school schmool. u know how they say that when you reach form 5 you’re supposed to be more mature, responsible and all that jazz? Well honestly, i don’t feel any supernatural aura of maturity beaming onto me or sudden wave of wisdom seeping into me but i’ve learnt a lot from the last year. lessons that will mould me into a better person i hope : )

Class is fun, dramatic at times though. D for DRAMA laa, but i shall not get into that : ) hmpff i hate how every teacher tries to crush our spirits by reminding us of the ever dreary spm but nah, we still got the party goin’ on : ) what with Peanut sitting right next to me, mc granny and mae hulk sitting behind me..i see a year of non stop craziness and lectures from teachers ahead!

am feeling pretty optimistic about the year ahead, till then!

p.s i have very UNIQUE tuition teachers. Mr Hashim was effing hilarious omg. he speaks canto and seems to think that siti nurhaliza and angelina jolie are secretly in love with him. Ramesh, my physics teacher told us the other day that he was a time traveller coming back in time to save us from physic-atastrophe

-_- and many more. which is also why i dont really mind going for tuitions :B


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New year, new blog!

Decided that it was time for a new blog because i got pretty bored with blogger. WordPress is interesting..because it has so many little icons and tabs popping up everywhere, mata rabun la.


note to self: must make use of pretty red daily planner!

failing to plan is planning to’s mantra of life suddenly popped into my life. people who fail at planning suceed in life too okay! i don;t think the creator of facebook did a lot of planning right? or, say the creator of pizza? in fact, the creation of pizza was an accident. a WONDERFUL accident i would say :p

i like living in denial. so sue me :p

Today’s a Friday! and everybody knows that Friday is the best time of the week hohoho! am looking forward to a weekend of relaxation, fun (the holiday activities aren’t over till i say so :p), rewatching Avatar with the family and so on!

school schmool. i’ll finish my homework on sunday night.

note to self: i shall procrastinate LESS this year(bingo! resolution #1) : )


1) Transferring to a new school, making friends for life, bonding with new people, getting my first B for for discipline  (resolution #2: concentrate when teacher is teaching!)

2) QUANTA : ) ) def an experience i will cherish forever and always. meeting new people, doing insight for the first time in my life, seeing the poverty stricken nation in the flesh, that was an eye opener. Also, making friends for life! def one of the major highlights of the year : )

3) ITALY : ) omg italy. viva italia! good memories, good company, good food, good scenary, good history lesson, good ‘view’ :p i feel so blessed right now.

4) For having the chance to lead a cell group : ) I think i learnt a lot from Love Perhaps 09. not just because our group won first overall (though that feels pretty darn awesome and couldn;t have happened without each and eveyrone of my teammates) and all that, but for the little lessons that will make a big differance in the future. LEADERS AREN’T BORNED. THEY’RE MADE 😀

5) encountering a problem that caused me many sleepless nights. You must think i’m insane, but i think that it woke me up. and for that, i thank God.

6) knowing that there are people who love me for who i am, and accepts me wholely warts, farts and all without a word of complain and had a wicked ride along the way! : )

7) you 🙂 yeah you.

8) experiences and friendships that will always be etched in my memory.

2009 you’ve been a great year. couldn’t hope for better : )

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